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"Fighting for equality, not superiority."

Who are we?

Girl Up Orlando is a chapter of the Girl Up organization, created by the United Nations. Our purpose is to connect with other on-campus and local organizations in the Orlando area with a similar mission. We strive to organize donation drives in order to collect materials to provide to women in need as well as advocating to our local officials on policy involving women and their rights. We hope you can join us in our journey for equality.

Our mission

"The mission of Girl Up Orlando is to empower students to channel their energy and compassion to raise awareness and funds for the United Nations initiatives that help hard to reach adolescent girls."

To learn more about Girl Up, please visit Girl Up's official page



To empower both men and women from different backgrounds to raise awareness about the United Nations initiatives that help adolescent girls in developing areas.


To educate the community that girls matter and should be given equal opportunities both domestically and internationally.


To make sure that girls in developing countries are healthy, safe, educated, accounted for, and positioned to be the next generation of leaders through fundraising and advocacy.

Interested in joining the fight?

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Meet the team


Sampada Nyalapatla


Hi! I’m Sampada and I am the Founder and President the Girl Up Orlando Chapter. I am a sophomore majoring in Accounting and minoring in Legal Studies. One day I hope to become a Human Rights Lawyer for an international agency so I can help women all over the world face and defeat obstacles!


Saksham Rathore

Vice President

Hey guys! My name is Saksham Rathore and I’m the current Vice President for Girl Up Orlando. I am a sophomore in the college of business with a finance major with a minor in statistics. I plan to work in investment banking to help clients and want to dedicate my time in this organization towards making sure that gender inequality is an idea of the past internationally!


Viha Gattupalli


Hi I’m Viha! I am your Girl Up Orlando Secretary. I’m a sophomore majoring in Finance with a double minor in Health Services Administration and Computer Science. I hope that we can work together to empower girls everywhere so that they grow into confident women #girlpower!


Aryan Jha


Hey, my name is Aryan Jha and I am the Treasurer for the Girl Up Orlando 2020-2021 team! I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I love playing soccer, coding, dancing, and reading. I really want to make an impact on our community through this organization. I believe that we all can help, and do our part, no matter how small to help people around the world. I hope you can join us in this journey together and make the world a better place.


Charu Sankarganesh

Marketing Director

Hi!! My name is Charu and I am the Marketing Director of the Girl Up Orlando Chapter. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Finance and minoring in Computer Science. I am excited to educate our community about topics I am passionate about such as teaching young women about leadership and eliminating gender bias. I can’t wait for us to help raise the awareness of these topics, both locally and internationally, through this organization!


Jayant Budda

Events Director

My name is Jayant and I am the events director for the Girl Up Orlando Chapter. I am currently a sophomore studying with a major in interdisciplinary studies on a prevet track with a minor in Business. I love playing all sports, going to the gym, skateboarding, biking, and making music. I wish to become a veterinarian and help plenty of animals all over the world. I want show others that we have to treat all beings as equals whether it be an animal or a person of an opposite gender.